The Growth of Small Businesses Online


It can’t be denied that the web is changing the way we do business – no matter our size. In previous times, businesses grew at a different pace. Now, everyone is desperately trying to get ahead and the web is fuelling this race. As a result, there are many developments in businesses, particularly small ones, which will continue to evolve alongside the digital landscapes.


With the adoption of ever-changing digital tools, new markets can be reached (and created). Not only is the web an extremely important factor in relation to small business growth, it is what connects businesses and these new markets. The use of digital tools help a business to analyse market behaviour. Results of this analysis guide businesses in improving their digital strategies.

A large part of the concept of new market is the growing generation of web users. Having shoppers who are pretty much raised online rapidly increases the need for extensive online accessibility. However, a key component in the evolution of these new markets are the products and services that said markets circulate around. Naturally, there is now an emphasis on digital products and the services that accompany them, therefore keeping up with trends is vital to stay relevant in future times.

Using even the most basic of digital features will make your business more available for consumers to get involved with. For example, making your business accessible via all types of digital devices, such as tablets, mobile and wearables (smart watch etc.). This is something that most new consumers expect to be in place.


Small businesses who have a strong online presence tend to be faster growing businesses – on and off the web. Given that the majority of shoppers now research products on the web before making a purchase (anywhere), having a strong online presence will help to propel a business forward in comparison to those who don’t. The “omnishopper”, who both researches and purchases online across various devices and also offline, is a prime customer for pushing this growth.

There are many factors as to why online presence leads to quick growth of a small business. These include social media, online advertising, website visibility and the strength of a business’s online presence. Optimising each of these factors helps to contribute to the end goal. Other factors include using advanced digital tools to help analyse customer behaviour in an industry, and can give insight on how a business can use this data to better their performance. The outlook for 2021 is that there will be a worldwide figure of 2.14 billion digital buyers, therefore it is important to utilise these elements of speedy growth to the best of our ability. The opportunity of expansion is increasing all the time, it seems.


Due to the speed of growth for small businesses, there is subsequently more opportunity for employment. The web is a relatively new part of business growth, so there are a lot more new jobs that are available, especially for the generation of digital natives. The bigger the business growth, the broader the range of jobs becomes.

Businesses with a digital-focused business strategy are likely to continue to create jobs with the development of the web, in e-commerce and marketing form. Many businesses who are known to thrive online as well as in store have dedicated teams focused on making their business as visible and relevant as possible. It is important to devote the proper amount of time to this and provide ongoing maintenance, while keeping up with digital trends, therefore having multiple pairs of hands available is necessary.

The fact is that the web increases small business success, and therefore some older businesses are falling behind. There are digital factors that may hold businesses back such as a lack of digital/technical skills, little access to broadband, lack of funding and also an old-fashioned mindset. In order to push growth in your business, having a strong online presence is key.

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