To Start a Business Takes Courage: Noreen Taylor Doyle

series-blogWe attended the Women’s Inspire Network conference in Galway a few weeks ago, and as we spoke to some of the amazing women in business, we were reminded of the challenges we can face while setting up a business. This could be in terms of finance, stepping online and a range of other issues, including the challenges we face within ourselves. If you are struggling with certain things while trying to get your business off the ground, just remember: you’re not alone.

dbfopaswaaa6le6-jpg-largeNoreen Taylor Doyle
Co-founder of The Irish Biltong Company
Co-founder of Haynestown Meats Ltd
Twitter @DoyleNorDoyle

Noreen is a co-founder of Haynestown Meats Ltd and its sister company The Irish Biltong Company, a popular high protein snack which is available across many counties and also online. She is also a speaker and strong mother of 4 children.

“Getting a distributor was my biggest challenge. The demand was there but it was how to get somebody to distribute to that demand. Eventually, we were approached while pitching at a food fair, so that happened organically.”

Asserting yourself when first setting up a business is important. Network with people, visit conferences & fairs, and get your business’s name out there. Make sure you have easily accessible contact details – a business card with your website address & email is key. Simply searching online for a connection mightn’t be enough. Going out and getting involved is an important way to make contacts and meet people who can help you.

“With stepping online, we were concerned with “will they understand the brand? Will they engage?”, so we were very specific and did background work prior to stepping online. We used specific targeting to get to the right audience and then reached out to influencers of that audience.”

The fear of failure while spreading awareness of our business online is sometimes hard to avoid. It is crucial to plan out exactly who your target market is and to know your customer well. Do the research at the beginning and figure out the best way to aim your message at them online. Think about what they would want from your business, what would catch their attention, and why they should take an interest.

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