How Remarketing Works

#FACT – When it comes to promoting your business it’s easy to compete with the big boys and their deep pockets if you use the right tools to deliver your message.

One of the most powerful tools available to you is ‘Retargeting”. See Our Offer

Retargeting allows you to serve banner ads across a host of popular Irish Websites like,,, and many more to people who have previously looked for your kind of service on

When it comes to convincing the people who visit your site to take action and convert, one visit is typically not enough. Retargeting gives you a chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to products and services they are actively searching for.
Did you know? Retargeting will greatly increase brand recognition and trust.

Why retargeting with

We analyse millions of search and behavioural data that helps us identify what service a person is searching for and in which location did they search for that service in.
Retargeting with allows you to target these purchase intent customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to their search behaviour on

Retargeting with puts your business in front of the Right Customer at the Right Time as they browse their favourite websites.

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As the largest and most successful Social Media platform, Facebook is a great way to reach people around your business.

These days it’s not enough just to post status updates because with changes to the Facebook newsfeed you might only be reaching 7-10% of your followers. For advertising to be effective it is important that people see your message frequently enough so they remember it.

Watch the video to learn more

Our proprietary advertising software allows you select audiences from 6,000 to 200,000 Facebook users around your business and hit that same audience with your professionally designed message 5 times. This is extremely hard to achieve using the normal Facebook Ad Manager.

We have a team of professionals who will use their knowledge and experience to design the most effective ads possible to generate the most interest in your campaign.

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We make sure the audience you select will see your advertising 5 times which is known to be a “magic number” for recalling advertising messages. Less than 5 times will mean that many, many people will not ever remember seeing your ad.

You’re Moving Fast, Constantly Evolving and Changing. Your Online Listings Spread Across The Web Should Also Keep Up, Now They Can!

SnapSync from can help you to update your business details across multiple important Irish and international sites including Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp and all from one place. Even more importantly, it will keep it up-to-date and unlock enhanced features saving you money and attacting more customers!

See How Irish Companies Use 360 Tours On Google And Their Website

With Google Street View Inside customers are virtually touring businesses in your area. Amazingly, a 360 tour can double the interest in any business when people search using Google or Google Maps.

See how your friends, neighbours and competitors in [Insert County Name] are using this virtual photographic tour of their business to let potential customers “walk inside their shop” and look around. This photographic tour can be added to their Website, Google My Business Page and of course Google Maps.

See How Businesses Near You Are Using Google Streetview Inside

map 360 Photo from FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency for Google Street View Inside and covers all of Ireland. Contact us today and let us help you showcase your business to the millions of people who use Google Search and Google Maps every day.

Click here to see examples of local Irish businesses who have benefited from 360Photo from FCR Media
Google See Inside Examples

FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency for Google Street View Inside and a Google AdWords™ Premier SME Partner.

Google Street View Inside is a virtual photographic tour of your business that showcases your best feature – your location itself. Potential customers can actually “walk inside your business” and look around using the same technology of the more familiar Google Street View.

Visit Our 360Photo Website

Watch the video to see how it works

Research by Google shows that business listings with Google Street View Inside doubles the interest of searched listings and 67% wanted more business listings with 360 virtual tours (July 2015, Google).

360 Photo from FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency covering all of Ireland and is ready to showcase your business to the millions of people who use Google Search and Google Maps every day.

Click here to see examples of local Irish businesses who have benefited from 360Photo from FCR Media
Google See Inside Examples

FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency for Google Street View Inside and a Google AdWords™ Premier SME Partner.

As you know, Google is constantly testing new solutions with it’s AdWords™ platform and we have been working very closely with our Google Channel Partner team to understand how we can use these changes to benefit our customers.

Did you know that over the past year “near me” searches on Maps have doubled.


Tip: Maximise your presence on Google Maps by updating your Google My Business listing and enabling your Location Extensions. Now when you run an Adword™ campaign you will stand out from the competition with a “Purple Pin”

Talk To Our Adwords Team To Help You Set This Up Find Out More | Book An Appointment

As a Google Premium SME Partner in Ireland, we at FCR Media are able to leverage our access and knowledge to help you get the best possible return on your investment. To learn more about Google Maps click here to see the Google Support Center or Contact Us and we will be happy to help you understand the options available



What is a Citation? A Citation is the mention of your Business anywhere on the Web predominantly Name, Address and Telephone or (NAP) for short, with or without a link back to your website.

Google-LogoWhy is this Important? Citations are one of Main Ranking Elements that Google will use when deciding where it Ranks your Business in the Search Results. For example, if you have two slightly different version of your Name, Address, Phone Number search engines could view this as two separate companies which essentially halves your web presence. As you can imagine, if there are 3 or 4 versions of this info on the web, the problem gets worse and worse.

Consistency is Key! To gain extra SEO value for your Business from Citations it is important to display the same Name, Address and Telephone you use on your Website or wherever you are Listed Online.
Citations do not require a link back to your site in order for your Business to gain SEO juice but if there is differences in how your Name, Address and Telephone is displayed on the Web then Google will not be able to attribute the SEO value to the right NAP.

Check your Citations for Free!

Check Citations Here

myflowershop citation exampleHere’s an Example … Let say you are Florist in Dublin with two Listings – one on Directory A, and another on Directory B.

To a user this is accurate as it correctly identifies your Business but to a Google Bot it is not! On Directory A your Business Name is actually your Web Address but is not clickable and also the phone number on Directory B is different. Google would not be able identify that these Two Listings relate to the same Business.

Quality over Quantity! The more High Value Sites that you List your Business on the more people will see it and contact you. For example Google would consider a Listing on Established Directory sites like more valuable than a Listing on Random Website used to build links.

matching-ukQuick Fact! 73% OF Customers don’t search for your Business again if the get the wrong information.


We Recommend

ss SnapSync

In a busy market place what makes one petrol station, one B&B, or one cafe stand out above another? Up to 80% of local searches on mobile devices result in purchases.
SnapSync is the world’s most advanced and sophisticated Presence Management tool

Visit Website


Your invitation to the Startup Gathering Events from Bank of Ireland in Dublin next week!

The Start Up Gathering 2015 is fast approaching, with events scheduled next week all across the country.

We’ve heard that Bank of Ireland  are running a series of free events in Dublin to support the Start Up Gathering 5th-9th October.

Giving 1,000+ Businesses the opportunity to ‘Showcase’, Learn Digital Marketing, Network with Mentors and hear from various sector leaders.

Partnering with key industry bodies such as Bord Bia, Digital Hub, Failte Ireland, Retail Excellence Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, they have a fantastic list of high profile speakers, mentors and trainers.

Start Up Gathering Schedule

See the full schedule and register directly at

Please contact with any queries.



Official Announcement: FCR Media are Exclusive Irish Yext Partner

NEW YORK & DUBLIN , May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Yext today announced the introduction of, Ireland’s leading directory site, to PowerListings Global, as well as the expansion of the network in 7 additional countries.

Powered by FCR Media, is Ireland’s most prominent listing directory across three platforms – print, online, and mobile. The online platform receives over 1.1 million monthly visits, with 78% of the Irish population using on an annual basis.*  Yext’s integration of the popular site into its network gives Irish businesses a direct line to the local customers they want to reach.

The additional publisher expansions to the network include AirYell, Avantar, Branchenbuch Deutschland,, iBegin, ShowMeLocal, White & Yellow Pages, and Voradius.Yext-Certified-Partner-logo (3)“Adding a hugely popular directory site like to Yext’s roster underscores our commitment to providing our customers with the strongest global digital presence management solution,” said Howard Lerman, Yext CEO and Co-Founder. “We’re excited to have made such significant progress in our international expansion and have no intentions of slowing down.”

“At FCR Media, we are committed to providing our advertisers with the best online solutions on the market to fulfill our mission of ‘Facilitating Commerce and Relationships.’ Becoming Yext’s exclusive Irish Partner under the* brand allows us to further enhance the digital marketing services we offer Irish businesses,” said Cathal Dempsey, FCR Media Ireland Managing Director.

SnapSyncScan your site today on

* – coming soon



Google Places? – Google My Business!

Why registering for Google My Business is essential

Small businesses that wished to maximize their presence online via the world’s biggest search engine would once turn their attentions to – among other things – Google Places. However, those who have checked more recently will have noticed its evolution into the perhaps confusingly-titled Google My Business.

It’s an interesting service that promises to “connect you directly with customers, whether they’re looking for you on Search, Maps or Google+.”

So, why is it so essential to sign up your company to Google My Business?

A series of services, consolidated into one

Once upon a time, as a small business, you would need to cycle through various separate Google sites to take advantage of the search giant’s many services for the management of your business and customers. Now, all of these services are pooled into one platform, making things easier for everyone.

The range of services incorporated into Google My Business includes, for example, Google+, the social networking platform that enables the sharing of messages, photos, videos and links with your followers, now possible direct from your My Business page.

In addition, you’ll find the Reviews platform that gives your business a rating on the basis of its reviews, as well as Google Analytics, a hive of website statistics accessible from your business dashboard, and even Insights, which gives you a constantly updated picture of your market visibility, engagement and trends.

Add the Maps service for the management of your firm’s location information and Hangouts, which makes possible video chats with your customers, and you have quite a formidable platform on your hands.

The many potential applications of Google My Business

Many small businesses want to reach out to more people, but their online presence may presently be a bit disorganized, consisting of a mishmash of semi-outdated pages.

With My Business, you benefit from an integrated profile for your company on Google, giving you a more coherent online presence with the ability to easily oversee your brand page, information, location, reviews and social media marketing on one platform.

This brings so many different ways to get the most out of your company’s online activities. Let’s imagine that you’ve recently been getting some negative reviews. You can use Google My Business to not only read those reviews, but also respond to them as the business owner and host Hangout discussions with disgruntled customers to address their concerns.

Or what if you’re devising a new advertising campaign? Information gleaned through Google My Business, such as the source of your customers and which customers are reviewing you most positively, can contribute to a better-focused and more effective marketing campaign. Once you’re ready, you can even use Google+ to launch the actual campaign events.

Sign up now to Google My Business!

Such an impressive mix of simplicity and functionality really does make the organisation of your business’s online presence and activities so much easier, an especially big boon if you are a small firm.

Don’t forget that our experts here at FCR Media can set up a Google My Business account for you – just call us on 01 6188000 to find out more, or check out our comprehensive digital package for businesses throughout Ireland.