5 Local SEO Tips – How To Become More Visible Online

1. Verify your Business Accuracy on Google and other Leading Online Directory Sites.

Through SnapSync you can enter your business information and see how visible your business is everywhere online for free.


2. Add or Claim a Business Listing on Google My Business.

85% of people in Ireland use a Search Engine to find local information, and Google is by far the most Dominant Search Engine with over 90% market share. Verifying your Google My Business Listing gives you a better opportunity to show in the 3-pack for local searches.

Google 3-Pack

GOOGLE 3pack


3. Get Listed on High Authority Online Business Directories.

Listing your business on High Authority Online Business Directories like goldenpages.ie or Yelp helps build trust and generate more leads for your business.

Goldenpages.ie and Yelp are obvious choices, but it can be hard to determine what is a High Authority Online Business Directory. SnapSync.ie shows you how your business appears on the best Online Business Directory sites.


4. Optimise your website with Local Keywords.

Local keyword research will benefit your long term Local SEO goals. The problem with keyword research is that it can be time-consuming. Try to find some generic keywords that are relevant to your business and blend them with your location keywords.

Google Keyword Planner and Moz will help you find some generic keywords. Attempt to include keywords in your Websites Meta Data. Where ever you add Local Keywords make sure they are relevant to the context of that page. Google will penalise sites that try to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google’s search results.


5. Social Media.

Not every business has a Social Media presence. Some find it hard to choose the right social media site, and some don’t have the time to post regularly. If you are willing and able to add a social media channel, we suggest that you do. Social signals are good for local visibility.

Facebook is an excellent way to build relationships and communicate with current and potential customers. Also, it’s a great way for existing customers to share a positive experience of your business with their friends and family.

These are just some of the hundreds of different ways that can help your business become more visible online. We hope these tips help you get started.

If you are new to FCR Media or an existing customer don’t hesitate to book a meeting with one of our Digital Marketing Specialists who can help grow your business online.


Is Your Business Evolving With Your Customers Digital Needs?

A whopping 22% of all Irish SMEs do not have an online presence, according to new figures released today by IE Domain Registry (IEDR). Even more concerning, 66% have no intention to get online in the future, according to IEDR’s dot ie Domain Profile Report.

If you own a business but have no intention to get online, these stats below might make you reconsider.

  • 63% of people look for prices when searching online for local information.
  • 29% search for the location of a business.
  • 73% of customers lose trust in businesses because of inconsistent information published online.

Review your business information online for FREE here

If your business doesn’t evolve with your customer’s digital needs, then your competitors business will. The IEDR report shows that the number of .ie domains registered internationally was up 4% compared to last year while there was a 2% decrease in the number of domains registered in the Republic of Ireland.

It’s said that by 2020 Ireland’s digital economy will be worth more than €21billion.

Want to get your business online? Search and Register your domain here.

360 Virtual Tour

People want more businesses with 360 Virtual Tours

Don’t believe us? Here are the facts.

  • Global search interest in VR grew by 400% in the last year.

  • Research carried out by Google shows that listings with photos and a Virtual Tour are twice as likely to generate interest.

  • A recent Hong Kong Airlines campaign found that 360 Video was 35X more effective than traditional display.

360 Virtual Tours work for every Business, not just the big brands. At FCR Media we have made hundreds of 360 Virtual Tours for Businesses throughout Ireland, including small Local Businesses and more well known Irish Institutions.

Here’s a recent 360 Tour of Evolution Bikes in Ennis.

Explore Epic Ireland’s immersive 360 Virtual Tour.

Want a 360 Tour for your Business? Here are some suggestions before you schedule a 360 Tour.

Verify your Business accuracy on Google and other leading directories.

73% of consumers lose trust in Businesses because of inaccurate information, so it’s important that your listings are accurate before you schedule a 360 photo shoot. Here’s a handy tool you can try for free to verify your Business Listings across the Web.

Make sure you hire a Street View Trusted Photographer.

Trusted Pro’s receive Google’s stamp of approval for image quality, connectivity, and appropriateness. FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency, drop us a line if you are thinking about getting a 360 Tour for your Business.

Share! Share! Share!

After your 360 Tour is finished make sure you share it everywhere. Add it to your Google My Business Page, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and all your Social Media Profiles also embed your 360 Virtual Tour on your website.

If you decide to book a 360 Tour with FCR Media we take care of all the above, including, verifying your Business on Google Maps, creating a landing page of your 360 Tour that you can use to share your 360 Tour on Social Media and the embedding of the tour on your website.

Ready to showcase your business in 360? Express your interest here

Keep your Social Networking under control with SnapSync!

Did you know that with SnapSync you can effectively manage your business Social Media presence?

If your business is listed on Facebook, Google my Business, Google+, Foursquare and your own website is connected to SnapSync you can easily add enhanced content, make updates and share information simultaneously across these great platforms from one central location – your SnapSync Dashboard. You can even monitor the responses you receive from social media posting through your SnapSync portal eg. comments/likes/shares etc.

Let’s take a look at a quick post made from our favourite demo business, The Shine Online Beauty Salon.

Here where we make social posts in SnapSync: (SnapSync Section -‘Post’)


Simply add the text and any additional content you would like to share where the message ‘Make a new post….’ is featured.

You can also choose to schedule the message as below, saving yourself time and allowing to you plan ahead for a proactive approach to your social media marketing efforts.











Here we’ve entered the following text ‘ Today in the Salon receive a free treatment with every cut and colour! and added the website link using the ‘Business Name’ dropdown menu.


You can check or uncheck the platforms you would like to post your message to by clicking on the icons representing the social media on the SnapSync network. In the post above you will see that I have chosen all of the Social Media which our sample business is synced with. The ‘f’ represents Facebook, the ‘g+’ represents Google + and the ‘w’ represents the Shine Online Webpage. To uncheck a platform, simply click on the icon, it will grey out and your post will not be published on that platform.

Once the Social Post is ready simply click the ‘Post’ button.

You’ll be able to see that the post is shared when it appears in the Social Post Feed ‘All posts’ and track it’s performance as you can see here:


Use the listings tab ‘View Listing’ to check out the post on Facebook and Google Plus too.

Here are some screenshots taken just after the message was posted from SnapSync:


Social Posting on SnapSync is incredibly simple and effective. It will save your business time and money and help bring customers to your door.

Try it now for yourself, if you need any assistance, as always, our team is available during office hours to assist you, simply call us on (01) 6188000.

Click here to login www.snapsync.ie

Not yet using SnapSync? Find out more and run a free Scan on your business listings at www.snapsync.ie today!

Happy posting!

SnapSync News: Update your Bank Holiday Opening Hours


Open for Business!

Holiday Season is fast approaching. No sooner have children settled back into school and we have Mid-Term, October Bank Holiday, Halloween and Christmas Season on our doorsteps!

Your customers will regularly check your opening hours online as they decide where to spend their valuable time and money.

Before the busy business of the holiday season takes hold of you and your team, take this opportunity to update your Opening Hours across the SnapSync network and ensure that your customers know when you’re open!

Simply click here now to update your Opening Hours and more now!

We've made this short video to quickly show you how you can update your opening hours on SnapSync. Have a quick watch then simply click here to update your Opening Hours now across the SnapSync network!

We’ve made this short video to quickly show you how you can update your opening hours on SnapSync. Have a quick watch then simply click here to update your Opening Hours now across the SnapSync network!

How Remarketing Works

#FACT – When it comes to promoting your business it’s easy to compete with the big boys and their deep pockets if you use the right tools to deliver your message.

One of the most powerful tools available to you is ‘Retargeting”. See Our Offer

Retargeting allows you to serve banner ads across a host of popular Irish Websites like theindependent.ie, joe.ie, her.ie, irishtimes.com and many more to people who have previously looked for your kind of service on goldenpages.ie.

When it comes to convincing the people who visit your site to take action and convert, one visit is typically not enough. Retargeting gives you a chance to bring back indecisive customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to products and services they are actively searching for.
Did you know? Retargeting will greatly increase brand recognition and trust.

Why retargeting with goldenpages.ie?

We analyse millions of search and behavioural data that helps us identify what service a person is searching for and in which location did they search for that service in.
Retargeting with goldenpages.ie allows you to target these purchase intent customers with tailored ads and offers that relate to their search behaviour on goldenpages.ie.

Retargeting with goldenpages.ie puts your business in front of the Right Customer at the Right Time as they browse their favourite websites.

For more information on this Exclusive Offer call us on 01 513 7098 or email hello@goldenpages.ie.

As the largest and most successful Social Media platform, Facebook is a great way to reach people around your business.

These days it’s not enough just to post status updates because with changes to the Facebook newsfeed you might only be reaching 7-10% of your followers. For advertising to be effective it is important that people see your message frequently enough so they remember it.

Watch the video to learn more

Our proprietary advertising software allows you select audiences from 6,000 to 200,000 Facebook users around your business and hit that same audience with your professionally designed message 5 times. This is extremely hard to achieve using the normal Facebook Ad Manager.

We have a team of professionals who will use their knowledge and experience to design the most effective ads possible to generate the most interest in your campaign.

Learn more about our Facebook Advertising Solution

We make sure the audience you select will see your advertising 5 times which is known to be a “magic number” for recalling advertising messages. Less than 5 times will mean that many, many people will not ever remember seeing your ad.

You’re Moving Fast, Constantly Evolving and Changing. Your Online Listings Spread Across The Web Should Also Keep Up, Now They Can!

SnapSync from goldenpages.ie can help you to update your business details across multiple important Irish and international sites including Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp and goldenpages.ie all from one place. Even more importantly, it will keep it up-to-date and unlock enhanced features saving you money and attacting more customers!

See How Irish Companies Use 360 Tours On Google And Their Website

With Google Street View Inside customers are virtually touring businesses in your area. Amazingly, a 360 tour can double the interest in any business when people search using Google or Google Maps.

See how your friends, neighbours and competitors in [Insert County Name] are using this virtual photographic tour of their business to let potential customers “walk inside their shop” and look around. This photographic tour can be added to their Website, Google My Business Page and of course Google Maps.

See How Businesses Near You Are Using Google Streetview Inside

map 360 Photo from FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency for Google Street View Inside and covers all of Ireland. Contact us today and let us help you showcase your business to the millions of people who use Google Search and Google Maps every day.

Click here to see examples of local Irish businesses who have benefited from 360Photo from FCR Media
Google See Inside Examples

FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency for Google Street View Inside and a Google AdWords™ Premier SME Partner.

Google Street View Inside is a virtual photographic tour of your business that showcases your best feature – your location itself. Potential customers can actually “walk inside your business” and look around using the same technology of the more familiar Google Street View.

Visit Our 360Photo Website

Watch the video to see how it works

Research by Google shows that business listings with Google Street View Inside doubles the interest of searched listings and 67% wanted more business listings with 360 virtual tours (July 2015, Google).

360 Photo from FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency covering all of Ireland and is ready to showcase your business to the millions of people who use Google Search and Google Maps every day.

Click here to see examples of local Irish businesses who have benefited from 360Photo from FCR Media
Google See Inside Examples

FCR Media is a Google Trusted Agency for Google Street View Inside and a Google AdWords™ Premier SME Partner.